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The carnival seemed to stop in dead silence as if time stood still. Jessie was frozen in fear to the ground. Her father stared down at her, stunned. He didn't know what to say when he left the house of mirrors to find his eldest 'son' wearing a skirt and blazer. They stared in silence for a moment before it was broken by an absent-minded woman nomming on a caramel apple.

“I love it when the put walnuts on them... Oh, Justin, you're finally out! What are you star-- oooh.” She stopped in her tracks when she saw Ashley standing next to an auburn-haired girl whose eyes were locked with her husband's. “Oh, my...”

Jessie turned to see her mother staring with a look of surprise in her face. “I-I...” she stammered, but she loosed nothing more than a squeak, her voice lost in fear.

“Jessie... you look ADORABLE!!” Her mother ran at her and swung her arms around her, being careful not to get the sticky apple in her hair. “Where'd you get this outfit?! It's just so cute!” she cooed.

“My friends and I bought it for her! Suits her perfectly, huh?” Ashley said with a smile.

“It sure does! Justin, say something dear! Doesn't our 'daughter' look adorable in her little uniform?” She looked up at her husband who was still struck with awe. Jessie blushed in embarrassment.

“Mooom~! Stop!” she pleaded. Ashley giggled at her struggle.

“Jessie... this...” her father said, stepping down from the platform without so much as blinking. Jessie gulped. “Is this what you've been moping about lately? Because you wanted to go to school as a girl?” His expression let loose no indication of what he was feeling, but Jessie feared it nonetheless.

“No!! I... I don't really know how to say this, but... Mom, Dad... I am a girl. I don't know how or why, but I am. It just... happened.” Jessie's voice quivered in fear of the reaction she might get, but she didn't know what else to do. They were going to find out eventually, and now that she was cornered, there wasn't exactly any way to hide it.

“So.. you don't hate me?”  her father replied.

“What?” Jessie blinked in surprise, dumbfounded by the response. “Of course not. What does that have to do with anything?”

“All this time I thought you hated me and were distancing yourself from me when really you were just trying to drum up the courage to tell us that you're transgender! It's ok, honestly. We've kind of known for a while, but your mother and I wanted you to come out to us on your own terms.” He threw his arms around Jessie as well with a huge smile on his face and a tear of joy in his eye.

“It's true, dear. We still love you and respect you for who you are, no matter what!” her mother said.

“Stooop~! Get off me!” She yelled, her parents following suit. “I'm NOT transgender! I'm a girl! I have a female body!!” Jessie was fuming in frustration.

“You mean... down there?” her mother asked.

“YES DOWN THERE!! How can I be any more clear?! Do you want to SEE it?” Jessie yelled. Her parents just stared at her and then at each other.

“Did you know about this?” Her father asked.

“No, did you?” she replied.

“No, but now that you mention it, didn't the doctors say when she was born that she was different somehow?”

“Yeah, something about 'ambiguous genitalia'? I'm not sure...” They both reflected on their memories trying to put things together. “That's why we gave her an androgynous name, right?”

“JEEZ Mom, no!! You saw that in a documentary last week! I don't have ambiguous genitalia!!” Jessie's face was bright red with embarrassment to be having such a discussion so publicly, but it seemed like nobody was paying attention besides Ash, who was just as lost as ever.

“Well that WOULD explain why they thought you were a boy, though. Why didn't you say anything sooner?” Ash asked.

“Yes dear, why wait until now?” her mother asked.

“Because I've been a BOY until now! I've only been a girl for two hours!!” Jessie couldn't believe how dense her parents were. Did they really think she'd been a girl all along? Do they not remember changing her diapers? Did she really have that 'ambiguous' thing as a baby?

“Well Jessie, I'm glad you've finally come to terms with your body. I'm so sorry I tried to force you to do all of those manly things... that must have hurt you in ways I can't even imagine. I promise, from now on, you're going to be daddy's little girl! I'll buy you any clothes you want and we'll be sure to let the academy know to put you in the girls' school.” Her father went in for another forced hug.

“I don't WANT to be enrolled on the girls' side! I like my class how it is!!” Jessie cried.

“We're so sorry dear, you must have been so shocked to go through your first period all alone,” her mother added.


“Oh dear, that can't be right! You're almost fifteen! We should go to a doctor right away!” she immediately began to fumble through her purse digging for her cell phone but stopped partway through. “Oh but it'll have to wait for the morning, the clinic's closed by now... and watch your language, it's not befitting of a young lady.”

“She's always been a late bloomer, dear. I'm sure she's perfectly healthy. It might even have to due with her ambiguous genitalia, remember?” her father reminded.

“Oh I'm sure you're right... we should start shopping for clothes right away! Oh I'm so glad I have a daughter now, this is going to be so much fun. I can't wait to tell all of the women in the office~.”

“Oh kill me now...” Jessie collapsed, succumbing to the embarrassment. First she's turned into a girl and now her parents think she's always been a girl! What is wrong with everyone?! Why is she the only one whose upset by the change? How is she the only one whose noticed that anything's different?!

“Heehee, look, your parents love you afterall, Jess~” Ash teased.

Jessie's parents finally let off her, walking away and speaking animatedly about how amazing it is to suddenly have a daughter and what they can do to raise her right. Jason, who'd been watching from aside the whole time, finally decided to step forward but he couldn't look Jessie in the eye.

“Jessie... I'm sorry. I didn't know you were actually a girl this whole time.” Jessie was taken aback. Her little troll of a brother was actually apologizing? It may not be for the right thing, but if this means he'll stop teasing her at every chance he gets, she'll take it.

“Whatever. Get lost, twerp,” she sighed.

“...Can I still have the twenty bucks, though?” He asked, looking up at her with a grin.

“Beat it, brat! Before I beat YOU!” she said, raising her fist in an empty threat. The boy ran off to catch up with his parents.

“See, they really do care about you. You don't need to stress yourself out over nothing.” Ashley threw her arm around her friend.

“That just took ten years off my life, I swear... I need to lie down or something...” Just as the girls were about to walk away though, another voice called out to her.

“H-hey, uh, Jessie?” Jessie and Ash turned to find that the voice belonged to Eric who was fidgeting nervously. He also couldn't seem to look her in the eye. “I-I'm sorry, but I kind of overheard everything. Ashley told me to follow your parents to keep an eye out for them, and, well... yeah...”

Jessie's jaw dropped and her cheeks flushed again. It was one thing to have Ash know, but for a guy from class to find out? Let alone the only guy who treated Jessie like a normal person. Her heart sunk thinking that she'd lost her only real male friend. Well, since the one she had in elementary school, anyway. The only person here, at least, who saw her for her and treated her normally.

“Eric, I can explain... Please, don't tell anyone in class...” Jessie pleaded.

“Of course not! I wouldn't do something like that to you. Just... are you really a girl? I need to know. Is it true?”

“...yes. It's true. I'm sorry you had to hear all of that. My parents can be a little... unaware of their surroundings. No sense of shame.” Jessie let out a small laugh.

“Yeah, heh... my folks can be like that too sometimes. I feel ya.” He let out a sigh and finally managed to look her in the eye. “So.. will you be going to the girls' school from now on?”

“I'm not sure what's going to happen to me,” she replied.

“Do you want to? What about the guys? And your carwash?”

Jessie didn't need to think about it for long. She didn't particularly like her class at first, but they'd really started to grow on her.

“I couldn't abandon you guys, not after coming this far.”

“That's a relief. I'd really miss you if you left us...” Eric's cheeks tinged red. “I mean, WE'D really miss you! The whole class would! Hell, I'm sure even Mr. Schroeder would miss you!” He forced an awkward cough to defuse the awkward tension. “We uh... We shouldn't waste any more time. We're way late getting back to the carwash...”

Eric turned and began walking back down the path, clearly trying to hide his face. Jessie was confused by the way he was behaving, but Ash had a sly look on her face like a cat with a secret.

“Eric, wait! Can I ask a favor?” Jessie called.

“S-sure, what is it?” Eric asked, turning back.

“Well, I can't exactly go back to class looking like this, can I?” Jessie asked, pulling at the hem of her skirt on either side.

Together, the three made their way to the locker rooms and, with Ash waiting outside, Jessie changed into Eric's gym clothes.

“You promise to come back and get your uniform, right? I can't be caught with that in my locker.” Eric was sure to look away as Jessie threw on the shorts and shirt as quick as she could. She made sure to throw on a hoody as well to cover her chest.

“Don't worry about it.” In a moment she was done and the two were out of the locker room and back on the stretch to the parking lot.

Along the way, Ash decided she'd shirked her duties long enough and ran back to her own class, which was putting on the cliché Romeo and Juliet play in the auditorium.

The rest of the night went smooth as could be, with the 'boys' returning to the carwash. The carwash seemed to have gone very well, and nobody seemed to question why Jessie was wearing a hoody with shorts.

The night ended without Jessie's parents causing another scene, but the ride home was accompanied by a never-ending conversation about underwear and dayclothes. Jason giggled the entire way home while Jessie flushed with embarrassment just hoping the conversation would end. As soon as the car pulled up to their two-story home, Jessie ran upstairs and locked herself in the bathroom she shared with Jason.

'I could really use a bath after a night like tonight. I feel like I haven't had one in years.' she thought to herself. She started the water and plugged the tub before stepping out of her shoes and getting undressed. It was then that she realized that she hadn't actually seen much of her new body. When she discovered something missing in the nurse's office earlier, she was in such a panic and a hurry to find answers that she hadn't taken a good look at what she was now stuck with.

With a sigh, she brought up the courage to look herself in the mirror as it steamed. 'I don't really look any different, aside from the chest...' She cautiously reached up and felt herself, recoiling slightly at the new sensations coming from what used to be a dull flat boy-chest. 'At least I'm not giant here, otherwise I'd never be able to stay with the boys' school.'

Turning her attention away from her modest endowment, she focused on the pièce de résistance, or rather, lack thereof. She could only bear to look at it for a brief moment before turning away at her own embarrassment. She'd never seen one before, and never thought in her wildest dreams that her first would be her own. 'I'm going to have to get used to that, especially when I have to pee... I hope I can find a way to turn back soon before my life gets even more flipped on its ass.'

Jessie gently set herself down in the tub and shut off the water, losing herself in her thoughts as she relaxed. Her mind recalled the events of the day and the sense of panic and fear that went unfulfilled. She was so exhausted from the long day that she nearly fell asleep in the tub, but catching herself at the last moment, she finished up and retired to her bed like a stone. Sleep was just a brief respite that night, but a welcome one nonetheless.


DeviantArt doesn't allow a chapter this long to be uploaded as plain text, so there's the cliffhanger for you. The rest of the chapter, the chapter's original story (as per my rule of 'one episode per chapter'), can be found at my personal website,

Please check it out! It's quite the doozy and took me forEVER to finish. That, and chapter 7 won't make any sense unless you read it, so it's kind of required if you want to continue the plot.
DeviantArt doesn't allow a chapter this long to be uploaded as plain text, so there's the cliffhanger for you. The rest of the chapter, the chapter's original story (as per my rule of 'one episode per chapter'), can be found at my personal website,

Please check it out! It's quite the doozy and took me forEVER to finish. That, and chapter 7 won't make any sense unless you read it, so it's kind of required if you want to continue the plot.

So here we are, in the description. This chapter took a long time to finish because the full version of it is a whopping 12,754 words! That's FIVE THOUSAND PLUS more than the second-longest chapter! Honestly I could have probably broken this one up into two or three, but I have a set rule about this story: One chapter is one episode. There may occasionally be a two-parter like last time for a gag, but the general idea is that, due to how long it takes to write this fluff, everyone's satisfied with what they have until the next one comes out. That way, a new chapter's more like "yaaaay, what's new in Jessie's world today?" instead of "OMG JUST GET TO THE NEXT PART YET THIS IS TAKING FOREVER UNSUBSCRIBE!!"

Everyone's happy this way. And I like the format.

So let's talk 7. It's probably going to be waaaaaaaaaaaay shorter, and it's ALL fluff. I was hoping to get it done by valentines, but I'll be lucky if it's done by St. Patrick's. It's feel good love triangle fun with laughs and the dokis of the kokoros and whatnot. Please look forward to it!
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DBC67 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017
Yes, you need to go to the web sight and continue reading the rest of this part to under stand the next.
Aust-Kyzor Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2015
Well. I approve <3

And that didn't go as I expected either. Like, the second Ash joked about it, I knew Duncan was gonna be roomies with Jessie, but I was still surprised by the outcome.

I also loved Moody's CD. Stabbi Stabbi McStab Stab. A+
clairedelune2501 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2015   Writer
Thank you as always ^_^

The outcome kind of surprised me too. A lot of my process is 'here's a basic gist of what I want to do' and then things just kind of flow and evolve as I go. Like, the whole legend of the well just sort of happened. That wasn't planned, it just came out when the conversation flowed that way. And I'm pretty good at choreographing things in my head so the end ended up being way more actiony and kinda badass for Duncan than I'd hoped.

Share the story with your friends and stuff! As far as I'm aware, you're the only one on DA who reads it =/
Aust-Kyzor Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015
Well... best way to share I could think of was posting it to my tumblr. So I did. ^_^;
TheArtisticIntrovert Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not true! I love this story XD

On a different note, I like what you did with Duncan in the end XD Could he maybe be a UUUHHHGOODGUY?! XDD

Rainbow Sheep 
clairedelune2501 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2015   Writer
haha thank you! It's a little hard to keep track of viewer stats so unless people comment, I really have no idea lol.

Aust, that reminds me, I actually have a tumblr I never use. I have this plugin on my site that cross-posts things automatically to it so I never actually log on or anything. I don't really 'get' tumblr tbh. I barely get DA. Thanks for posting it though! As long as it links back to my site in the end, it's all good.

On the subject of Duncan... I haven't really started 7 yet, but I have the synopsis down, and I'm kind of torn between the titles of "Something Fluff This Way Comes" and "Let The Shipping Begin". Definitely leaning on the latter though. I'll let your imaginations run wild on that one, but I guess it is pretty predictable. The only other spoiler I'll give is that I have the option to take an arc from 8 and put it in 7 to really round out the 'shipping' idea, and I'm undecided how I can fit it in. There are 2 more potential interests for Jessie planned, and one of them will be in 7 or 8, depending how that arc works out. I need to think on it.

The other's going to join the crew after the school trip if things stay as they're planned, and they never do. Example: Prior to actually writing the scene in 4 where Duncan's introduced, he didn't exist. Never planned on a bully, just seemed the perfect time to drop one in. So we'll see how things go. This story's very... experimental.
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